Hope Hicks considered a 'pariah' in Hollywood after working for Trump: She's wearing the 'scarlet T'
President Donald Trump, Hope Hicks -- (Photo: screenshot)

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks has received a frosty reception in Hollywood, where she moved after leaving the administration.

Hicks is currently working as the chief communications officer for the Fox Corporation -- the parent company of Fox News.

But having worked for Donald Trump haunts Hicks, Graydon Carter's newsletter Airmail revealed in an article titled, "Hix Pix Fox Flix: Ex–Trump whisperer Hope Hicks spins the Hollywood liberal establishment."

"If you’re young, beautiful, have a power job, money to play with, and a Brentwood Zip Code, Los Angeles can be a lot of fun. Unless you’ve got Donald Trump’s name on your résumé. The scarlet T burns bright in Hollywood," Shawn McCreesh reported.

The story said, "Familiars say she self-deprecatingly describes her pariah status with certain Hollywood stars this way: 'No one on the cast of Modern Family wants to see me.'"

"In Washington, Trump appointees have become inured to being treated like lepers by locals, heckled in grocery stores, restaurants, and bars," the story noted. "Los Angeles is a far lonelier place for someone branded with that scarlet T."

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