‘I am a white nationalist and registered Republican’ said man accused of threatening to shoot up a Walmart: Police
Richard Dean Clayton (Facebook)

A man who allegedly threaten to shoot up a Walmart one day after a mass shooting at the big box retailer's El Paso store led to the deaths of 22 people allegedly called himself a "white nationalist" and a "Republican." He also allegedly said he planned on "committing a hate crime," all according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had flagged social media posts they believe were made by Richard Dean Clayton under an alias. A 77-page report documenting his actions and behaviors is being used to try to ban him from possessing firearms or ammunition for one year under Florida's red flag law.

“3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to walmart next week,” read one of the social media posts. That one was written on August 4, the day after the Walmart El Paso massacre.

In a separate post he described his political beliefs.

“Everyone [in real life] calls me a ‘Nazi’ despite my countless attempts to correct their assumptions about my political beliefs by claiming that I am simply a white nationalist and registered Republican,” the October 24 post reads. “And the only reason I balk at the terminology normies use to describe me is because I don’t fully understand national socialism’s economic principles, and because capitalist, corporate America has done very well for my family, as well as for many other families like mine.”

A February 4 post read: “[Expletive] the internet. I’m committing a hate crime [in real life] tonight.”

Another post featured "a shirtless man agents noted fits Clayton’s description posed with a rifle in front of a Trump banner, while wearing a flag bandanna over his face and holding a bottle of bourbon."

Image: FDLE/Facebook

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