'Impeachment time': Conservative columnist says Pelosi must end her caution if Trump-Ukraine scandal is true
Max Boot appears on CNN/Screenshot

Conservative columnist Max Boot, like fellow anti-Trump conservative Rick Wilson, had long supported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) cautious approach when it comes to impeaching President Donald Trump.

But in his latest column, Boot argues that Pelosi cannot simply ignore the latest Trump scandal that involves allegedly strong-arming the Ukrainian government to help him dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

"If the new scandal involving President Trump and Ukraine is as bad as it seems -- and that is, of course, a very big if at this early stage -- the House will have no choice but to impeach, consequences be damned," he writes.

Boot then walks through what we know so far about the scandal, and he notes that it may even involve the president threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless it agreed to start investigating Biden and his family.

This alone would be serious enough, Boot argues, to warrant impeachment even if Republicans in the Senate refuse to take it up.

"Trump has already won an election once with foreign help," he concludes. "If he is now misusing his office to force a foreign leader to help him in 2020, the House would be compelled to impeach, even if the Senate wouldn’t convict, simply to show that Trump is not a king who can violate the law with impunity. But obviously a great deal of evidence must still be collected — despite an administration coverup — before final judgment can be rendered."

Read the whole column here.