Infowars' Sandy Hook appeal goes down in flames as judge orders Alex Jones to 'pay all costs'
Alex Jones (Youtube)

Infowars, a website owned by Alex Jones, has been ordered to "pay all costs" to a survivor of the Sandy Hook shooting after an appeal in a defamation lawsuit was rejected.

The website was sued by Sandy Hook parent Neil Heslin over a conspiracy theory that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a "false flag" attack orchestrated by the government.

Right Wing Watch reported that Infowars had filed an appeal after Sandy Hook parent Neil Heslin presented the court with a motion of contempt in the case when it was clear that the website would not comply with court-ordered discovery.

According to Heslin, Jones had ordered Infowars to delete all social media posts about Sandy Hook.

"We agree with Heslin that the district court has not yet ruled on Appellants’ motion to dismiss, nor has the motion been overruled by operation of law," Justice Gisela Triana wrote in her ruling. "Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal for lack of jurisdiction."

Jones was also ordered to "pay all costs" that Heslin incurred related to the appeal.

Right Wing Watch pointed out that the appeal "wasted nearly a year of time in Heslin’s lawsuit against Infowars."

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