Internet questions why Latino SUV driver slapped with terrorism charge when white shooters aren't
Javiar Garcia (Photo: Screen capture)

A 22-year-old Chicago man was charged with terrorism after he drove his car into a shopping mall. While no one was injured and police didn't know the reason for the incident, they were quick to slap terrorist charges onto Javier Garcia for the crime.

"Investigators say they examined the history on Garcia's cell phone and determined that he 'searched Woodfield mall, the aerial view of the mall and mall premises 124 times between 9/19/19 at 14:38 - 9/20/19 at 12:55,'" said ABC7 Chicago.

Police explained that because he caused at least $100,000 in damages to a building with multiple stores, it falls under the definition of terrorism.

Gun safety advocates have argued that mass shooters should fall under charges of terrorism, but they rarely, if at all, are. The El Paso shooting was one that Americans presumed would be charged since the shooter specifically drove to the city to kill Latinos.

Garcia, by contrast, didn't use a high-powered rifle and he didn't kill anyone but is being charged as a terrorist.

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