'It's hard to overstate how historic this is': CNN reporter walks through Pelosi's impeachment inquiry
CNN's Dana Bash -- screenshot

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," reporter Dana Bash broke down the magnitude of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's endorsement of impeaching President Donald Trump — and what it signifies going forward.

"A very significant shift on her part," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "She also said no one is above the law, referring to the president of the United States, and what he was doing was a betrayal of the Constitution."

"The fact she gave a preamble about her experience on the intelligence committees, that she comes at this not just from understanding the law, how things are supposed to work, then, of course, talking about it in very big, very sweeping terms about the Constitution of the United States, it's really hard to overstate how historic this is," said Bash. "It's barely one hand that you can count on how many times this has happened and it is a last resort. The House Democrats feel that they have reached that last resort and there has been so much pressure on her."

"She has resisted for so long since they took the majority, from many people who have been saying 'Come on already, we gave you the majority, why aren't you using it?'" added Bash. "Now she says she has seen an issue she believes the American public understands and should be outraged by, because her number one concern has been, 'I can't do this until I have the public behind me.' She sees some public sentiment, but is trying to marry that by pushing out her rank and file to support what she has reluctantly gotten behind, which is an impeachment inquiry."

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