Jerry Falwell Jr. tells Christian magazine that Jesus wants him 'to do what’s in the best interest' of his business
Jerry Falwell Jr (Screen cap).

Embattled Liberty University chief Jerry Falwell Jr. told a Christian magazine this week that he believed Jesus would be a hardcore capitalist were he alive today.

Via Right Wing Watch, Falwell Jr. said in an interview with Charisma News that he believed Christ's teachings about doing what's best for your personal business superseded his teachings about being merciful toward your enemies.

Specifically, Falwell said that Jesus's teachings about turning the other cheek would not stop him from filing civil lawsuits against former Liberty University employees who leaked embarrassing emails he sent to other staff members.

"When you deal with people personally, you have an obligation to love your neighbor as yourself," Falwell explained. "So this is not personal. This is corporate. ... And I believe in Jesus' teachings to do what's in the best interest of the corporation, just like Donald Trump has a job to do. It's in the best interest of the nation. So that's my take on it all. And I'm glad to go to war. I just actually enjoy it probably a little too much."

Falwell then alleged that there was a conspiracy to publish so-called "hit pieces" on President Donald Trump's allies, although he cited no evidence to back up this claim.

"Everybody who supports [Trump] has been tagged recently," he claimed. "I've been finding out from different people -- I won't name names -- but there have been hit pieces on almost every one of them. I think they can't get to him because he's so tough, so now they're going after anybody who supported him."

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