Lindsey Graham launches into hysterics over Ukraine: 'To impeach any president over a phone call is insane'
Lindsey Graham speaks to reporters (Fox News/screen grab)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) this week insisted that President Donald Trump's call with Ukraine's president is a "nothing burger" when it comes to impeachment.

Graham spoke to reporters just moments after the White House released a transcript of Trump asking Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

"From my point of view to impeach any president over a phone call like this would be insane," Graham said. "Joe Biden is a very good friend, but we can’t have a country where one side looks at and the other one does not."

The senator added: "The Ukrainian president did not feel threatened. He was the target of the phone call. He felt fine with what happened. I have read it just like you have. You can make your own decision, but from a quid pro quo aspect of the phone call, there’s nothing there suggesting that the prosecutor may have been fired because of a conflict of interest."

According to Graham, it was "very appropriate" for Trump to suggest Ukraine investigate the Bidens.

In 1999, Graham voted to impeach President Bill Clinton, who was accused of lying about an affair.

Watch the video clips below.