Netanyahu refuses to concede after he falls short -- blames media instead
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a statement to the press about negotiations with Iran at his office in Jerusalem on April 1, 2015. (AFP)

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, refused to concede after being down in the election night polls. Like the last election, Netanyahu is claiming his own personal victory and blaming the media for all of his woes.

Senior Diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid, at Channel 13 News in Tel-Aviv, was live-tweeting the election results late Tuesday night.

"Netanyahu says Israel needs a Zionist government that is committed for Israel as a Jewish state. No government can be based on support from Arab parties," Ravid said.

According to Bloomberg, the final count is unknown but things aren't looking good for Netanyahu.

"The lack of a decisive victory would be a stunning setback for Israel’s longest-serving leader, who gambled on a revote to strengthen his political hand," the report said.

“The results here are less good for him than in April; and in April he didn’t make a government,” said pollster and political consultant Simon Davies. “Whichever way you look at it -- if the exit polls are right -- Bibi is not in a great position. Bibi is a consummate politician, though, and you’d never put it past him to get out of any situation.”