Pentagon washes hands of Turnberry incident -- refers all questions to the White House
Trump's forays into Scottish tourism and politics over the years have had mixed results, with controversy centred on his development of a golf course near Aberdeen AFP/File / Andy BUCHANAN

Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand uncovered the way President Donald Trump is profiting off of military stop-overs at his Trump Turnberry golf resort. However, now it seems the Pentagon isn't interested in answering questions.

"House Oversight requested that the Pentagon turn over communications/emails relating to Turnberry. But the Pentagon referred that request to the White House," she tweeted Wednesday.

Typically the Congress is in charge of Pentagon budgets and the Pentagon has information on their spending. In this case, however, the military is refusing to answer questions, telling Trump to talk to the press instead.

While the House Oversight Committee has requested information, it's unclear if the Trump administration will block any document requests.