Rick Wilson says GOP victory in North Carolina special election is actually terrible news for Republicans
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republicans won a special election in North Carolina's ninth congressional seat on Tuesday.

Republican Dan Bishop bested Dan McCready by two percentage points in the do-over election after fraud by the GOP campaign in 2018. President Donald Trump carried the district by twelve percentage points in 2016.

"It supposed to be a ruby-red district. Held has been held by Republicans -- as we've been saying -- since 1963. What gives tonight?" CNN's Don Lemon wondered.

"Don, what gives is what always gives in the races. Money matters," GOP strategist Rick Wilson replied.

"There were 10.7 million dollars spent in the race. About 6.4 million was Republican spending, a -- the amount of money you used to spend in the U.S. Senate race -- on one House district, in one state, in a relatively affordable media market," he explained.

"They bought this race out of desperation, but you can’t scale that," he continued. "You can’t replicate that across district after district in the country. We have outspent the Democratic side of the equation two-to-one in this thing. Those six-plus million dollars made a big difference."

"This should have been something they could have stayed home and eaten bonbons and watched sports on TV. They didn’t and the reason is the suburbs -- particularly outside Charlotte -- are starting to weaken for Republican elected officials," Wilson added.