Salman Rushdie destroys Trump for 'inventing a mythology of a false past' to justify his actions
Salman Rushdie, (andersphoto /

On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," novelist Salman Rushdie connected the dots between the agenda of Donald Trump and that of other right-wing authoritarians around the world.

"I think that what Mr. Trump is doing here that is similar to what’s happening in Britain and even what’s happening in India is in all three place, leaders are inventing a mythology of a false past, a kind of golden age, you know, that if we could only get back to, that everything would be good," Rushdie told anchor Ari Melber. "You know, make America great again. You want to ask when exactly was that? Was it last week? Was it before slavery was abolished? Was it before the civil rights movement? Was it before women had the vote? When was America great in the way we should get back to?"

"The myth of the — the golden age is always a myth," said Rushdie. "Boris Johnson right now in Britain is trying to sell the idea of a golden age of England that could be restored if only all these inconvenient foreigners would go away. Mr. Modi in India is trying to sell the idea of an ancient golden Hindu age which has been ruined by the presence of Muslims. All three are doing the same thing. They’re inventing history in order to justify the actions of the present, and I think that’s dangerous."

"It’s a profound point, and it’s also illustrative of the fact that if your campaign promise is nostalgia, you never have to be called on it because you’re not running on anything real to begin with," agreed Melber.

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