Sarah Palin's husband Todd files for divorce because he 'finds it impossible to live together'
Sarah Palin (Facebook)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's husband Todd filed for divorce after 31 years, according to blogger Craig Medred, who discovered the court filings.

His lawyers filed to dissolve the marriage on Friday, saying the couple has “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

The family has had a slew of legal battles and suffered from scandals since Sen. John McCain's campaign plucked the former governor out of obscurity to run as his vice president in 2008.

The couple's eldest son has suffered considerable legal trouble after returning from serving overseas. Their daughter has become impregnated twice outside of the "sanctity" of marriage, while advocating abstinence-only lifestyle outside of marriage.

"Action Today, don’t listen to liberals when they mock “family values” like they’re some relic of an ancient past. Rather, pass them on to your kids and watch what God does to change the world," Palin once said in her book of daily devotionals.

None of the Palin family members have made a statement.