‘Storm Area 51’ founder pulls the plug on festival over safety concerns: ‘We don’t want FyreFest 2.0’

The man who sparked the viral Storm Area 51 event has pulled out of a festival that was to coincide with the event, citing safety concerns, FoxNews.com reports.

AlienStock was scheduled to take place in Rachel, Nevada from September 20 to 22 and was approved by the  Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to let around 10,000 alien-seeking travelers camp out in the town adjacent to Area 51, the top-secret military base which some people believe houses alien technology.

In a statement to a Fox News affiliate, Matty Roberts said that he backed out of the festival due to "the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees."

"The permit holder (Connie West) was given multiple opportunities to provide us with the proof that things expected at this festival were in place," Roberts said. "In fact, she refused to provide to us, as agreed upon, contracts, proof of deposits or any paper proof of anything."

Roberts said that if they were to go through with the festival, it would become a "FYREFEST 2.0," referring to the disastrous and fraudulent music festival founded by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and rapper Ja Rule.

"AlienStock is a brand that stands for unity and concern for like minded people," Roberts' statement continued. "It’s grown into much more than a location. It’s a phenomenon that can only promise absolute safety and peace, and we need to move the Festival to guarantee that. Stay tuned for more news... it’s BIG!"

The Storm Area 51 event blew up on Facebook in July and has now grown to over 3 million people saying they're planning to storm the secret military base to "see them aliens." The response was so overwhelming that two Nevada counties drafted emergency declarations in preparation for the possible arrival of hordes of people.