Ted Nugent urges the NRA to eliminate its troublemakers as the organization struggles with internal turmoil
Ted Nugent appears on InfoWars to talk about guns/Screenshot

Over the years, the musician Ted Nugent has reveled in goading liberals, in part by perpetually broadcasting how much he loves to hunt and play with guns. He infamously told candidate Barack Obama to "suck on my machine gun."

On Friday, Nugent sent an open letter to the NRA, urging reform, Newsweek reports. 

"Representing the direct pulse of many thousands of NRA members across America face to face and on social media, it is more than obvious we must dedicate all our efforts to make this historical American civil rights organization 100% transparent and compliant with all legal considerations and ethical responsibilities," Nugent wrote.

"We must show the world we are absolutely unafraid to expose every possible detail, fix anything wrong, and make certain no conditions exist within our organization to ever allow any mistakes again," he told the board. "If anyone is guilty of such mistakes or wrongdoing, they must be eliminated and we must move forward with procedures that leave no room for error."

In the past year, the gun lobby group has been beset by controversy. In April, NRA president Oliver North stepped down, after revelations of financial impropriety. Chief lobbyist Chris Cox also left after what appeared to be a power struggle with Wayne LaPierre. Seven board members have resigned. Just today, it was reported that Wayne LaPierre is involved in a lawsuit with a longtime business partner.

"We must bulletproof our battleship for the assaults on very rough seas ahead," Nugent concluded.