The Republican Party is a 'cult' that isn't even letting its own voters have a say anymore: Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh -- CNN screenshot

On CNN Monday, former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) blasted the GOP for shutting down state primaries to block him from mounting a challenge to President Donald Trump.

"Look, we can’t be numb to this," said Walsh. "I know it’s difficult because this president seemingly every day attacks our democracy, but we have to be outraged. I always want to pinch myself and remind myself that this isn’t Russia. I do not live in Russia. I refuse to live in Russia. We can’t just cancel elections in this country. That’s what Donald Trump is doing. He’s literally canceling elections, and it’s very easy to be pissed off at Trump, but we’re used to this with Trump. He is a would-be dictator. He would like this to be Russia. I’ve got to tell you, I’m blown away in my disappointment with the Republican Party who is in cahoots with this president, and again, literally eliminating elections."

"I’ve given up on the Republican Party," said Walsh. "The Republican Party is a cult, right. They no longer stand for ideas. The Republican Party right now is all about washing their leaders’ feet every day. That’s what they do. We’re going to take our campaign directly to Republican voters and I’ll add, in all 50 states, we’re going to campaign in all 50 states. We’re going to campaign in South Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Kansas, because I believe if we let these Republican voters know that the president of the United States just took away their right to vote, they’ll march on the headquarters of their state parties to get that right to vote back. We’re going to go right to Republican voters."

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