The White House is 'reeling' from their reckless decision to release the Ukraine call notes: CNN analyst
CNN's David Gregory (Screen cap).

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," political analyst David Gregory discussed the Trump administration's decision to classify the whistleblower report against the president's call with Ukrainian officials.

"What do you make of this, that this is now happening, especially that this was supposed to be have been distributed much more widely?" asked anchor Erin Burnett.

"Look, officially they can talk about certain secrets that they might want to withhold, that are appropriate from the intelligence community, but the more obvious take is this is the White House that's reeling from what I think, even internally, they thought was a pretty risky move to release the log or the summary or a partial transcript of this call," said Gregory.

"They, on the one hand, can argue and spin, which the president tried to do, and not very well, but now they're realizing if they're releasing everything how is it going to look?" continued Gregory. "How is it going to be received, and are they going to put Republicans in a position where they have to confront it or simply spin their way around it to try to defend the president, something Sen. [Lindsey] Graham did based on the log today? So I think it's very curious, and I think all of this is coming to a head with the acting DNI testifying tomorrow, there'll be a lot of pressure to come clean with everything."

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