'Train-wreck of a witness': Analysts nail 'obstructive' Corey Lewandowski for proving the Democrats' case
Corey Lewandowski (MSNBC)

Political commentator Catherine Rampell disagreed with New York Times columnist Frank Bruni that the Democrats faltered during the hearing with Corey Lewandowski Tuesday. Former state and federal prosecutor Elie Honig called Lewandowski a "train-wreck of a witness."

She explained that Democrats had an extremely low bar: they had to prove Trump obstructed justice and that Corey Lewandowski gave one of the examples of such obstructions. In that sense, Rampell said they accomplished their goals.

"I don’t think this was a great day for Corey Lewandowski," she began. "This is a guy who went on TV and announced to the world -- apparently at the same time he is also trying to fundraise for Senate -- that he lies most of the time. Except when he's under oath."

During a recess, Lewandowski tweeted out a link to his campaign, taking advantage of the fact that his name was trending on Twitter.

"He announced he lies under oath. Or, excuse me, when he's not under oath," Rampell continued. "Which is, presumably, most of the time, including when he's talking to members of the media. Including talking to prospective voters, one would imagine. This is a guy who I thought he came off as really churlish among other things. But this was a hearing that was about obstruction of justice and this is the most obstructive performance I can imagine. The Democrats didn’t seem prepared, but I didn’t come off thinking Corey Lewandowski himself did anything other than embarrass himself."

Honig agreed with Rampell that Lewandowski was certainly not the winner of Tuesday's hearing.

"It was a strange day," Honig began. "On the one hand, Corey Lewandowski was a train-wreck of a witness. I was looking at this as a former prosecutor and put hundreds on the witness stand. He was angry and sarcastic and more interested in flinging personal insults and pumping his senate campaign than actually bringing a little bit of truth to the American public and to Congress. He also gave damming testimony. He testified, 'The president tried to get me to get the AG to tamp down the investigation.' That’s presidency-ending in normal times. But here we are, and it didn’t move the needle because the House Democrats have been so weak in the way they have gone about this."

Honig asked Democrats if the information provided in the Mueller report is enough to hold an impeachment hearing. If it is, then why are the hearings continuing, he wondered.

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