Trump 'casualty': Kentucky pastor responds after he's accidentally tagged in president's insulting tweet
Donald Trump AFP / Brendan Smialowski

On Tuesday, Business Insider reported that Rev. Jonathan Carl, a pastor in Kentucky, wrote an open letter to President Donald Trump after the president mistakenly tagged him in a tweet meant to insult ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.


"My first reaction was to laugh out loud at your mistake when I saw your tweet. My second response was sadness and compassion for you," wrote Carl. "Our words overflow from our hearts and can quickly evidence the health or sickness of our souls. Your heart must be in a dangerous place to have such a consistent flow of defamation and disrespect towards so many."

Trump's point of contention was that Karl had reported on the president's controversy surrounding Hurricane Dorian, where he repeatedly lied that Alabama was in the path of the storm and doctored weather maps to try to make it look as if he had been correct.