Trump Jr. promotes lie his siblings never did international business -- then Eric messed it all up
Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. at the family’s Turnberry resort (Instagram)

Fox News host Jesse Watters made the false claim that when President Donald Trump officially took office his children stopped doing international business out of caution. Donald Trump Jr. even retweeted the video of the claim.

Less than 24 hours after the tweet, Eric Trump destroyed the claim with an announcement of new development for Trump's Scotland golf course. Scotland is not in the United States and thus considered "international."

"Congratulations to our extraordinary @TrumpScotland team! Minutes ago, we received full and total approval for a new phase of development to include 500 homes, 50 cottages, sports center, retail and more," Eric Trump bragged.

Since taking office, Trump's children have secured trademark approval from China, forced leaders to pay to have dinner with Don Jr. while promoting Trump real estate in India, touted "dream projects" at Trump resorts in Indonesia, allegedly forced the U.S. military to stop to refuel at his resort in Ireland and then there's Scotland.