Trump left G7 leaders 'mostly speechless' with repeated stories about 'great guy' Kim Jong-un: report
President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

President Donald Trump's bizarre infatuation with Kim Jong-un has reached new heights, as sources tell BuzzFeed News that the president has repeatedly regaled world leaders with the same story about his relationship with the North Korean leader.

Essentially, Trump has repeatedly told leaders about meeting Kim in Singapore in 2018 and explaining to him the origins of "Little Rocket Man," the nickname that the president swiped from the classic Elton John song and then repeatedly used to taunt North Korea's government over its missile tests.

Kim at this point said that he was not at all offended by being called "Rocket Man," and was instead insulted that the president referred to him as "little," which Trump apparently found hilarious.

BuzzFeed's sources say that Trump trotted this story out again at last month's G7 summit in France, as world leaders were left "mostly speechless" by the president's tale, which also included remarks about Kim being a "great guy."

One source tells BuzzFeed that Trump regularly dotes on Kim and admires the "strength" he's shown in running a brutal dictatorship.

"He is so fascinated with him,” the source said. “He has a childish fascination with brutality."

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