Trump praises the 'beautiful' face of Kevin McCarthy — after saying he is 'just like a cow'
Kevin McCarthy -- Fox News screenshot

In a bizarre rant at a political event on Thursday, President Donald Trump compared House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to a cow, and then praised his "beautiful, political face."

"They say he is getting rid of an energy-efficient bill," said Trump. "They don’t tell you about the dangers of the bill and the cost of that bill. Over 100 Democrats signed up to support the $100 trillion green New Deal. That is a beauty. No more cows, no more planes, I guess no more people. Because Kevin is just like a cow , just smaller."

"I had to pick somebody and I looked at that beautiful, political face of yours," added Trump. "A little truth to that. I see hardened Democrats politicians that — I say it is incredible. They are standing behind AOC. I call her Cortez. You don’t have time to go through the whole name. Her name is Cortez. I called her AOC and the others AOC plus three. AOC plus three. That is the definition. I see what she is talking, she is going through this deal that is so insane but I don’t want to talk about it. I hit Pocahontas too early. I thought she was God. She has emerged on the ashes and now it looks like she could beat sleepy Joe. He has no idea what he is doing or saying."

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