Trump took $3.6 billion from the Pentagon — but it will only build 54.5 miles of new border fencing
Composite image of troops putting razor wire on the border fence and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper authorized redirecting $3.6 billion in Pentagon funding to build Trump's border wall, CNN reported Tuesday.

The controversial wall, which Trump inaccurately vowed would be paid for by Mexico, has been one of the biggest unkept promises of his presidency.

Despite the multi-billion dollar infusion of cash from the Defense Department, only 54.5 miles of new, primary fencing will be built.

Instead, much of the money will go to replacing existing border barriers or building new secondary barriers.

In San Diego, the money will fund 1.5 miles of new primary pedestrian fence. Yuma will receive 1 mile of new primary pedestrian fence.

The biggest addition will occur in Laredo, which will receive 52 miles of new primary pedestrian fence.

The other projects are replacement projects or building secondary fencing.

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