Trump’s chief of staff is on ‘shaky ground’ after being implicated in whistleblower scandal: CNN
Mick Mulvaney -- screenshot

President Donald Trump is displeased with his acting White House chief of staff as support for impeachment continues to grow both in Congress and with voters, CNN reported Saturday.

"We have breaking news right now. Multiple sources tell CNN that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is now on shaky ground following the release of the phone call transcript between President Trump and the president of Ukraine," CNN's Ana Cabrera reported Saturday.

"You will recall that transcript revealed President Trump telling the Ukrainians how much the U.S. does for them before saying he would like a favor. The president then goes on to ask Ukraine to investigate 2016 election meddling before turning his sights on Joe Biden and his son Hunter," she explained.

"And we’ve learned that multiple people, including Mitch McConnell, urged President Trump to release this transcript, so why is Mulvaney taking the heat?" Cabrera asked.

"That’s right, there were multiple people who did encourage the president to release this transcript," CNN's Jeremy Diamond replied. "But that is not the reason according to these sources why the president is now upset apparently with the White House chief of staff. Rather, not the release of the transcript, but lack of an apparent strategy from the White House to handle the fallout of that whistleblower leak."

"We already know from past reporting that this White House was indeed caught a little bit flat-footed with the pace at which the speed at which House Democrats moved forward with this impeachment inquiry. And now they are still struggling to put the pieces together and figure out how they are going to respond," he explained. "Apparently the president’s frustrations and other White House officials frustrations with Mick Mulvaney became clear during a meeting yesterday that is according to multiple officials."