Trump's top fundraiser spotted with Beverly Hills Republicans -- despite being under investigation
Tom Barrack, a longtime friend and business partner of President Donald Trump, speaking to CNN. (Image via screengrab.)

After a series of stories about international political donations through the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the chief of the committee is falling under the watchful eyes of investigators.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported that President Donald Trump's pal Tom Barrack was spotted in Beverly Hills for the top fundraisers in California over the week.

The billionaire investor was at real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer's home during a round-table event. The president "acknowledged him pleasantly," according to one account. He then appeared at a breakfast for the president in Los Angeles Wednesday morning. He's already given $360,000, the maximum allowed.

"As federal prosecutors examine the presidential inaugural committee, which Mr. Barrack chaired, and possible lobbying efforts by foreign governments looking to influence the new administration, Mr. Barrack is sending signals that the attention on him has not deterred his interest in engaging in the 2020 campaign," wrote Haberman.

Their relationship has been strained according to political insiders, but Haberman said that the two men still speak, and Trump was pleased to see Barrack at the fundraisers.

Federal inquiries into Barrack have been going on for more than a year, though he has yet to be charged. His aides have said Barrack is cooperating with investigators.

Typically when someone is under investigation, politicians and political leaders aren't interested in being seen with them.