NC Trump voter sulks over president's 2020 chances: It’s going to take a ‘miracle’ for him to win
Republican voter speaks to ABC News at a Trump rally in North Carolina (screen grab)

A Republican voter told ABC News that it will take a "miracle" for President Donald Trump to keep power.

The man, who was identified as a Trump voter, spoke to ABC News at the president's Monday rally for the North Carolina special elections.

"I'm worried about every one of 'em," the man said of the slate of Democratic presidential candidates.

The man said that a number of the candidates could defeat Trump.

"Some of their ideas appeal to younger people," he warned. "It's gonna take another miracle for President Trump and the rest of these conservatives to keep power."

"I think Elizabeth Warren could be a threat," the voter added. "Her ideas appeal to a lot of people."

Watch the video below.