WATCH: Ana Navarro keeps shouting down Trump booster -- even as CNN host cuts to commercial
Ana Navarro on CNN. (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump cheered on his top Hispanic advisor Steve Cortes, who appeared before a New Mexico audience. Trump asked Cortes which he loved more, Hispanics or America, which prompted CNN's Ana Navarro to blast the president for racism. Meanwhile, Trump's latest CNN shill cried "political correctness."

"Look, I suspect he didn't want to offend Steve Cortes and I suspect Steve Cortes was not offended," Navarro said. "But really what a stupid thing to say. Right? To somehow ask the question about whether you love the country more than you love Hispanics -- they are one and the same."

She explained that there are so many Hispanic children being bullied in schools and told to "go back where they came from," so the last thing Trump should be doing is to question someone's allegiance to America.

"White supremacists are driving hours and hours to hunt down Hispanics echoing some of the same themes that Trump has been saying," Navarro continued, recalling the El Paso shooting. "He could be more careful. That's why words matter. Because it's important to highlight right now that Hispanics are America. It is not a choice. It's not either-or. It's not who you love more. Hispanics love America. They are America."

Republican Trump supporter Adolfo Franco was asked about Trump's comment that Cortes looked more like a WASP (a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) than Latino. He claimed it was all just a joke and claimed it was more liberal political correctness run amok because people don't find racism funny.

"I think people have to lighten up a bit," he said. "Ana you can join us next week at the White House, the president is having us over to celebrate Hispanic week."

"Thanks, I’ll pass," Navarro said. "I’ll go when there’s a president who doesn’t call Hispanics criminals and rapists."

Franco then made the argument that immigrants were criminals and rapists. He went on to quote comedian Bill Maher, who often parrots the Republican talking point that liberals are too sensitive to racist attacks.

Navarro said that she refuses to hold a president to the same account as a late-night comedian.

"Are you ever offended by what he says and would speak more eloquently about minorities?" Lemon asked Franco.

"I’m not offended. Steve said earlier today I’m looking at the results of the policies," Franco said. "For unemployment. And the things he said in this particular clip you ran. I love Hispanics. With people behind him saying Latinos for Trump. The president does joke. That’s his style. That’s not racist."

Navarro cut in to unleash on the president's well-documented racism.

"If he doesn’t want to be offended, that’s his prerogative. I’m offended," she said. "Who calls Central American countries S-holes and invaders? And I'm offended by a president who calls Mexicans rapist and criminals."

"You were offended he was elected," Franco said.

"I am offended he was elected!" she shouted. "I’m offended that a racist who peddles hostility. And boasting about grabbing a woman’s pussy got elected. Hell yeah, I’m offended. It cheapens the presidency!"

Lemon's show went to commercial but Navarro could still be heard shouting down Franco's absurdity.

Watch below: