WATCH: Lawmaker erupts at NC GOP for jamming through budget vote while NC Dems were attending 9/11 memorial
North Carolina House Whip Deb Butler (Screen cap).

North Carolina Democratic House Whip Deb Butler on Wednesday reacted with fury after the state Republican Party held a surprise vote to override a budget veto while many state Democratic lawmakers were attending 9/11 memorial services.

The North Carolina GOP held the vote despite the fact that nearly half of the state's lawmakers in the House were absent on Wednesday morning. According to Slate's Mark Joseph Stern, many of the lawmakers were absent because they were attending a ceremony commemorating the victims of the terrorist attacks that struck America on September 11th, 2001.

In response to this, Butler yelled at North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, who tried in vain to get her to yield the floor.

"You shall not do this to democracy in North Carolina!" she yelled. "How dare you do this, Mr. Speaker? I will not yield! I will not yield, Mr. Speaker!... How dare you subject this body to trickery, deceptive practices, hijacking the process! We have been here day and night for months defending what we believe! And you would submit this body to deception, trickery, deceit? It is so typical of the way you conduct yourself... if this is the way you believe democracy works, shame on you!"

Watch the video below.

Butler_966 from John Autry on Vimeo.