WATCH: Trump’s spiritual adviser screams about Satan, free healthcare, and human trafficking in bonkers sermon
Prosperity gospel minister Paula White (Screen cap).

Prosperity gospel preacher Paula White, who has laid claim as President Donald Trump's "spiritual adviser," was recently filmed delivering a bonkers sermon that attacked plans to give Americans free health care and claimed that the mobile app SnapChat was designed to facilitate human trafficking.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, White delivered a sermon last month at a church in California in which she boasted of her access to the White House and railed against multiple different culture war grievances.

During her sermon, White told parishioners that "the devil is doing a darn good job" of destroying America and pointed to sex education as a prime example of why.

"Right now, we’re fighting in California -- in third grade, in fifth grade -- they put certain things on certain vegetables and teach them how to insert them in certain parts of the anatomy," she thundered.

In an aside, White made bizarre claims about mobile app SnapChat, which she claimed was created to benefit human traffickers.

"SnapChat was created as the largest human trafficking because the greatest people on there were human traffickers because the FBI and intelligence could not do it because it's live and it's real time and they can track your kid in less than a second and take them," she said.

White then moved on to attacking proposals to give Americans free government-funded health care and higher education.

“You want free education? Really? You want free healthcare? Really?” she said. “Lyndon Johnson sent 100,000 social workers out, looked for every black pregnant woman, created a system called welfare and drove the male out of the household and said, ‘We’re going to destroy the black community because we’re going to destroy the family.'"

Watch the full video below.

Paula White Dedicates the White House as 'Holy Ground' Sanctified by 'The Superior Blood of Jesus' from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.