WATCH: White man warns group of black men he's armed -- then goes on shocking racist rant

A white man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota over the weekend was caught on camera warning a group of three black men that he was carrying a firearm just before he delivered a racist rant in which he repeatedly called them the N-word.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook by Sioux Falls resident Ashley Eva Marie, shows three black men walking on a downtown sidewalk. Shortly after the video begins, a white man on a bicycle rides past them and says, "I've got a firearm on me, so [if] you n*ggers are going to follow me, just so you know."

The three men act shocked by the man's comments, and shortly afterward he starts yelling at them from across the street and doubles down on his racist tirade.

"The East side was f*cking destroyed by n*ggers!" he yelled at them. "Africa, no one wants to be there, that's why you're here!"

At this point, one of the black men points out to the man that he threatened to shoot him.

"I did not!" the man objects.

"We got it on camera!" the black man replies.

Watch the video below.