White House 'in damage control' mode as Trump panics that former aide will reveal secrets: CNN
Madeleine Westerhout (R) had been Donald Trump's personal assistance since the beginning of his presidency. (AFP/File / TIMOTHY A. CLARY)

President Trump's former assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, left the job after she reportedly shared unflattering information about Donald Trump's kids with reporters.

Trump claims to have forgiven her for the indiscretion, tweeting that Westerhout had “called me yesterday to apologize. … I fully understood and forgave her!” Among other things, the 28-year-old said that she had a closer relationship with the president than his daughter, Ivanka, and that Trump thought his younger daughter Tiffany was overweight.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that the White House is scrambling to get Westerhout a new gig, in the hopes that she won't write a tell-all book, as many past Trump associates have.

"What it highlights is the president's concern that all of these jilted aides who leave the white house ... you see publishers surrounding them, offering advanced book deals," CNN reporter Pamela Brown said.

"What we were told in that situation, the president was fuming about this, he didn't want to take her calls," she said. "Aides had told him, look, we don't want her as an enemy," Brown added.

"She had close proximity to the president, she knows a lot. She could give a tell all book. He ended up taking her call, now we have learned that the White House aides and others who are in Trump's orbit are trying to give her a soft landing, a cushy job outside of the White House," Brown added.

"Bottom line is, they're in damage control. This is often the case when aides leave, you see this pattern of former aides who leave the White House. Whether it be the campaign or elsewhere and you see these Twitter threats as well that we saw from President Trump.