White House pulls new FEMA nominee for barroom brawl -- but not for his boss' bribery
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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow began her Wednesday show detailing that Jeff Byard, President Donald Trump's nominee to lead FEMA, has withdrawn his name from nomination because of an "altercation" previously reported.

Already Trump's FEMA is having problems because of the lead FEMA officials being named in serious bribery scandals. Byard's boss, in particular, is under a 10-count indictment. To make matters worse, a former deputy is also under indictment, but for a completely different case involving a 2013 Navy scandal.

"Any mystery around that part of the guy’s past would have been cleared up this past year in August when he was indicted by a federal grand jury for his alleged involvement in that Navy bribery scheme," Maddow reported. "He was arrested thereafter."

"They must have gotten along so well at the office, right?" Maddow joked. "Secret Santa, 'Oh, look, you got me a ski mask. Is that a fingerprint removal kit? Oh, my God. Who wants the fake I.D. for opening Swiss bank accounts? I’ll trade you that for the lock picks.' What was going on? How do you end up with — if you were aiming at hiring multiple felony bribery indicted — I mean..."

Maddow reported that no one was willing to say what the hold up was in the background check, but she explained there was an "altercation." It was said to have been a barroom brawl.

Ultimately, the Trump administration has now decided to nominate Peter Gaynor.

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