'Whiteness is a helluva drug': NFL team hammered for giving black kid lawnmower instead of scholarship
Jaylin Clyburn pushes lawnmower (Twitter/screen grab)

An NFL team came under fire over the weekend after it gave an African-American child a lawnmower to help him save for college.

In a video post to Twitter over the weekend, the Carolina Panthers explained that 12-year-old Jaylin Clyburn is spending his summers mowing lawns to save for college.

"We needed his expertise so we brought him to Charlotte," the video says while Clyburn is seen pushing his lawnmore outside the team's footbal stadium.

A team official tells Clyburn that Lowe's has donated a new lawnmower on behalf of the Panthers.

Before the video ends, the 12-year-old is made "an official member" of the team's grounds crew.

Twitter users scolded the team for giving the child a lawnmower instead of a scholarship.

Watch the video and read some of the critical tweets below.