Alan Dershowitz boots rival lawyer from sex abuse case
Alan Dershowitz appears on ABC (screen grab)

Alan Dershowitz continues to deny accusations that he had sex with an underage woman on Jeffrey Epstein's private island. Flight logs show Dershowitz regularly flew on Epstein's private plane, dubbed the Lolita Express.

Dershowitz' explanation for why the allegations continue to dog him despite his firm denies is that a lawyer for the woman accusing Dershowitz—Virginia Giuffre—is out to get him.

On Wednesday, a judge agreed to take David Boies, the high-profile lawyer, off the case, reports the Daily Beast.

"In an opinion filed Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said she would deny Dershowitz’s motion to dismiss the case—Dershowitz claims Giuffre is lying about having sex with him and tried to extort him—but grant his motion to disqualify Boies’ firm," the Beast wrote.

"It was a blow to Boies, who’s sparred with Dershowitz for decades, and Sigrid McCawley, a partner at the firm who represents multiple victims of Epstein."

"Today’s decision rejects Alan Dershowitz’s chronic capacity to make this case about anything but the facts and what he has been accused of by our client, Virginia Giuffre," Boies' firm said in a statement. "The defamation case against Alan Dershowitz is going forward and he will have to face justice."

“The decision, however, to disqualify our firm, which has had the privilege of representing Virginia and advocating for her brave voice and continued call for justice, is deeply disappointing and it will be promptly appealed.”