Ann Coulter hilariously melts down after Tulsi Gabbard votes to start impeachment process
Ann Coulter (Shutterstock)

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) on Thursday voted in favor of starting impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump -- and it was a major disappointment for some of the conservative fans she's made in the past for defying Democratic Party orthodoxy.

One such fan, conservative author Ann Coulter, flew into a fit of denial after being told that Gabbard had actually voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry -- and even falsely claimed that the congresswoman from Hawaii was really a senator.

"No she didn't," a defiant Coulter wrote. "Tulsi is a SENATOR, meaning she's in the SENATE and doesn't vote on HOUSE resolutions."

Coulter's followers quickly jumped in to correct her -- and ridiculed her for botching a very basic fact about a high-profile politician.

Check out some reactions below.