Anonymous Trump official behind infamous NYT 'resistance' op-ed to publish a tell-all book
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

One year ago, an anonymous White House official published a New York Times op-ed confessing that he or she was part of the resistance inside President Donald Trump's administration. Now that anonymous official is releasing a book, The Washington Post revealed Tuesday.

The book could also indicate who the anonymous official is, given he or she likely would have had to write the book after leaving the White House, simply due to the overwhelming demands of White House jobs.

The book, titled, “A WARNING,” is being called “an unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency” that goes into more significant detail than the Times column had. The op-ed had a shocking portrayal of the president and those around him, including officials in the cabinet who were trying to coordinate a vote to enact the 25th Amendment, which would remove the president due to incapacitated by his own lack of mental acuity.

In The Times piece, the official called Trump “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective,” and said, “his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.”

Some speculated at the time the author was Gen. John Kelly, then-chief of staff to the president. Those senior officials who have left the administration but haven't yet written a book include Kirstjen Nielsen, who fought frequently with Trump and his agenda. John Bolton also recently left the administration and Rick Perry is on his way out. Fiona Hill, who is testifying against Trump on Capitol Hill this week, also left the White House in June 2019. Bill Shine also didn't ultimately get along well with the president and the op-ed was written not long after he started at the White House.

There's also former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who frequently clashed with the president for telling him he couldn't do illegal things. Kevin Hassett similarly left the White House recently, though he was always willing to defend the president on Fox News.

The identity of the person will not be identified in the book. It will be released Nov. 19.

"The author is being represented by Matt Latimer and Keith Urbahn of Javelin, the same literary agents who represented fired FBI director James B. Comey and former White House aide Cliff Sims for their memoirs from their time in the Trump administration. The book was acquired by Sean Desmond, Twelve’s publisher," The Post reported.

“There obviously will be those who want the author to reveal themselves publicly, but there are good reasons for that not to happen,” Latimer said. “The author feels their identity is almost irrelevant because there is scarcely a sentiment expressed in this book that is not shared by numerous others who have served and continue to serve this administration at its highest levels.”

“The author could have received a seven-figure advance for writing this book,” a cagey Latimer also said. “But ‘A WARNING’ was not written for financial reasons. The author sees this as an act of conscience and of duty, which is why the author refused any advance and is donating a substantial portion of any royalties to charities that protect those seeking the truth around the world.”

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