'Another impeachable offense': Internet loses it when Trump tweets out Nickelback meme
Trump's Nickelback meme (Photo: Screen capture)

Over the years, the band Nickelback has become a meme for their lackluster musical ability that still managed to become successful. Since, Nickelback has been synonymous with losers. Wednesday, someone in President Donald Trump's White House thought it would be a good idea to use a Nickelback photo meme to bash former Vice President Joe Biden.

The graphic Trump is complaining about is a golfing photo of Biden with his son and members of a Ukrainian gas company that his son ultimately ended up working with a year later. While the photo has existed for five years and Hunter Biden's work with the gas company has also been public for nearly five years, yet at no point did the Republican-led Congress open a hearing or investigation on it. Only after Biden began running for president did Trump start going after Biden's family.

As Ben Jacobs pointed out, Trump has a long history with Nickelback attacks. In 2016, Bernie Sanders' campaign had a sign outside of their office alleging that Trump likes Nickelback. It appears they were correct.

While Biden is more of a Springsteen kind of guy, Trump has gone full Nickelback, something some believe reaches an impeachment-level of seriousness.

You can see the tweets below: