'Architecting a life you love': A guide to the most absurd Ivanka-isms
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Unlike her father's crude and insulting rhetoric, Ivanka Trump is relatively articulate and polite. But as the website Jezebel notes, Ivanka has her own unique way to mangle the English language.

"What this amounts to in practice is sounding a lot like a bot that’s been programmed to speak solely in corporate aphorisms," writes Esther Wang. "Ivanka just loves to use—excuse me—utilize, multi-syllabic corporate-speak when plain language would do just fine."

Wang does a rundown of so-called Ivanka-isms.

Like 'architecting." Wang points out that her book is filled with misuses of the word as a verb. In Women Who Work, the first daughter gives women advice on “architecting a life you love.”

In a speech to women in the W-GDP global exchange program, Ivanka tried to spruce up her speech to offering to "effectuate". “We are going to be relentless in leaning on you to effectuate the kind of change we know you have the potential to.”

Other attempts to sound smart: "executing" and "actualizing" instead of the less-pretentious "doing."

"Ivanka Trump, just empowering and architecting herself to effectuate and actualize the execution of women!" Wang jokes.