‘Bad lawyering’ is all Donald Trump’s got: Neal Katyal blasts ‘poppycock’ legal defense
Don McGahn (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump's legal defense team are making "poppycock" legal arguments, a former top Obama administration attorney charged on Thursday.

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal was interviewed on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.

The host asked about the court case brought by Don McGahn, who is seeking to defy a congressional subpoena.

Katyal said, "the most important thing, Lawrence, to start your discussion is that’s all gravy. From the House impeachment standpoint, the evidence against Trump -- as you’ve been discussing for the first ten minutes -- is overwhelming. It’s Trump’s own words."

Katyal pointed out Trump's defense was that the House of Representatives can never file a lawsuit.

"That flies on the face of decades of precedent by the court and is just going nowhere. So this is bad lawyering, a bad legal argument. And ultimately, you know, I think it’s all Trump’s got at this point, but it’s not looking too good," he said.