Black family arrested for 'loitering' on their own front lawn

On October 1, a black family was standing in the front yard of their home, when police approached. They were arrested for loitering even though they were on their own property, reports KYW news.

Loitering offenses have historically been used as a way to purge people seen as undesirable, such as the homeless, from public spaces.

Now, the family is demanding answers from the Chester Township Police Department in Pennsylvania.

"It's a terrifying thing. It makes me feel as though the police can knock down your door, and drag you out of your home at anytime," Rachel Briggs told KYW. "This is an incident that made me feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home," she added. Her sons and nephew were dragged off to jail, where they spent the night while the family scrambled to make their bail.

A family member took video of the arrest. They are also charged with resisting arrest.

Watch video, courtesy of CBS Philly, below: