Black Twitter has a field day after finding out Stacey Dash listed as 'white' on arrest report
Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr 

While not much is known about the circumstances surrounding the domestic violence arrest of actress and conservative commentator Stacey Dash, Twitter lit up yesterday after someone got ahold of her arrest report and pointed that she listed herself as a white woman on the report.

Dash was arrested on Sunday night and charged with domestic battery against her husband Jeffrey Marty. She has reportedly claimed that she was acting in self-defense.

Dash's father is known to be a black man from Barbados and her mother is reportedly Mexican-black.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter met the news with a huge wave of mockery.

After her arrest, Dash asked for a public defender, saying she's too broke to hire a private lawyer. According to her account, she was framed by her husband and his three kids, who she says lied to police about her being the aggressor.

UPDATE: Police have taken the blame for the error, saying that thought Dash may have been Hispanic but weren't sure.