CNN fact checker aghast at Trump's Ukraine scandal lies: 'Dishonest about every component of the story'
Daniel Dale appears on CNN (screen grab)

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale has found himself to be in awe of President Donald Trump's dishonesty when discussing the Ukraine scandal.

In a lengthy new piece posted at CNN, Dale documents how Trump has made 96 false claims in the last week -- including a whopping 53 on Monday alone.

"It's hard to explain just how comprehensively Trump is lying about the Ukraine scandal," Dale comments on Twitter. "He's being dishonest about basically every individual component of the story."

Getting into specifics, Dale shows that Trump has relentlessly lied about his own actions and the actions of other government officials.

"He falsely claimed he had released an exact transcript of his July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky," Dale writes. "He falsely claimed he did not ask Zelensky for anything on the call. He falsely claimed people aren't talking about the call anymore. He falsely claimed the whistleblower complaint about the call was 'totally wrong.' He falsely claimed the whistleblower alleged he had made seven or eight mentions of a 'quid pro quo.' He falsely claimed the whistleblower has vanished. He falsely claimed Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff was the whistleblower's source."

This may seem like a lot of lies -- but Dale has even more examples of the president's serial mendacity.

"He falsely claimed Schiff had spoken about the call at a committee hearing before, not after, the release of the rough transcript," Dale continues. "He falsely claimed Schiff's committee comments were illegal. He falsely claimed Republicans aren't allowed to ask questions in Democrats' impeachment inquiry hearings. And he falsely claimed those closed-door hearings are unprecedented."

Read the whole piece here.