CNN's Toobin says all evidence points to Trump running an extortion scheme for political dirt
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin/Screenshot

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin laid out how all the evidence points to President Donald Trump attempting to extort Ukraine for political dirt — even the evidence Trump himself has put forward to the public voluntarily.

"May 14th, Trump tells Vice President Pence not to attend Zelensky, the Ukrainian president's inauguration," said Cooper. "July 18th, Trump decides to withhold nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine that's already been passed by Congress. July 25th is that Trump and Zelensky phone call. I mean, I don't know if it's, you know, if it begins with the call from Putin, but there certainly is a lot of activity, a lot of dominos falling."

"Especially when you combine this with what's come out in the depositions in Congress," agreed Toobin. "During this early summer period, there is all this activity led by Giuliani, which is about, you know, limiting our cooperation with the new president unless he comes across with the dirt on Biden. So it's all going on at the same time."

"Now, whether that originated with the phone call from Putin in May or, you know, other sources from Giuliani who has his own connections in Ukraine, we certainly don't know that," continued Toobin. "But the thing about all the evidence is that it all fits together. I mean, it all fits together in an explanation that the president just didn't want anything to do with Ukraine unless they could come across with dirt, and every piece of evidence that has come forward in the depositions and certainly in the partial transcript that we've all seen many times, it all points in the same direction."

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