Democratic senator burns Trump's 'belligerent' behavior: 'Something I have never seen in my 27 years in Congress'
Donald Trump Nicholas Kamm, AFP

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) laid into President Donald Trump's behavior during his Syria meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

"You were there, you were inside the White House for that meeting," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "What unfolded exactly?"

"Well, the president came in and he was in a belligerent state from the beginning," said Menendez. "He smacked down a whole bunch of papers on the table and said, you all asked for this meeting, I reluctantly agreed to it. No one had asked for the meeting. Speaker Pelosi said, Mr. President, we didn't ask for a meeting, we asked for a briefing to understand the consequences of your actions. He said, Well, then let's end the meeting. She said, while I'm here, it's my duty as the speaker to tell you that the House has just passed, I think 362, I forget exactly the number, a resolution opposing your decision and calling upon a strategy for ISIS. He just went on and said that's a political hit job and it went downwards from there."

"He was belligerent," repeated Menendez. "He was, I believe, denigrating to the speaker, called her a third-rate politician. Suggested that the Kurds are communists and therefore all you Democrats must be very happy with that. It just went downward from there. It was something like I have never seen in my 27 years in Congress and serving over the course of four different presidents. It worries me in terms of where we're headed in our fight against ISIL and the security of the country."

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