Documents ‘from Trump Org files’ corroborate sexual assault allegations against Trump: Summer Zervos lawyers

According to the Hollywood Reporter, season-five Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos has presented evidence she says corroborates her claim that she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.

Zervos says she has collected evidence that corroborates her account of a meeting with Trump in which the alleged assault took place. The evidence reportedly includes emails to Trump's secretary Rhona Graff to coordinate a meeting with him and Graff's subsequent responses. Additionally, the Hollywood Reporter says there are also "calendar entries" for Trump and his bodyguard that show they flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in December of 2007 and stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- details that "line up with Ms. Zervos’s detailed public account with striking accuracy," according to her lawyers.

In the wake of the infamous Access Hollywood tape where Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, Zervos was among a group of women who come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault.

Read the Hollywood Reporter's full report here.