Eric Trump whines about ‘cheap shots’ after explaining why his family business stiffs contractors

Hundreds of contractors over the years have filed complaints against the Trump Organization, saying they weren't paid the fees owed to them. Speaking to Yahoo Finance this Thursday, Eric Trump, who the organization's Executive Vice President, defended his company's record in a rather eyebrow-raising way.

"We believe in paying people when they do great jobs," Donald Trump's second eldest son said.

"We get people paid incredibly quickly. And we pay contractors,” he continued, adding that the Trump Organization only refuses to pay if a contractor doesn't complete a job.

He went on to say that contractors weren't paid because they "flaked out" or were "two months behind schedule."

"It's called the real world,” he said, referring to the allegations. “People like to take cheap shots at us.”

“In New York, we know what contractors are going to be incredible, what contractors are going to — I won't use a word, but — take advantage of you,” he said. “And, you know, you have that institutional knowledge. You know your way around. You know the language. You know the laws. You know how things are built. You know what kind of foundations work in the ground.”