'Fed up' Republicans feel 'growing unease' that they can't defend Trump from impeachment: CNN reporter
CNN's Jamie Gangel (Screen cap).

CNN reporter Jamie Gangel said on Wednesday that Republicans she's spoken with over the last day are getting "fed up" with having to defend President Donald Trump's outrageous behavior and are growing concerned that they won't be able to defend him from getting impeached.

During an interview with Brooke Baldwin, Gangel said that Republicans were suffering through a "week from hell" after ambassador Bill Taylor's "game-changer" testimony on Tuesday, in which he said that Trump directly tied military aid to Ukraine to the country's willingness to investigate his political opponents.

Because of all this, Gangel said, they've resorted to attacking the process by which House Democrats are conducting their impeachment inquiry.

"They can't defend him on substance," she said. "I just want to read you some of the quotes from the Republicans on the Hill. They're saying they are 'fed up and tired of being asked to defend the president.' They say there is a growing unease that there is no defense: 'We can't defend the substance, all we can do is talk about the process.'"

Making Republicans even more anxious, Gangel said, was that they had no idea what other damning evidence would come to the surface.

"Taylor's testimony is just the beginning," she said. "They don't know what's coming next. So I think the words 'growing unease' are an understatement for how they're feeling right now."

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