Fox News host shreds Mulvaney’s attempt to clean up his damning Ukraine confession
Fox News host Ed Henry (Screen cap).

Fox News host Ed Henry was not at all impressed with White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney's attempt to clean up a damning admission he made about President Donald Trump tying the delivery of aid to the Ukrainian government to being willing to launch investigations at the president's behest.

During a Friday segment, Henry seemed particularly annoyed that Mulvaney had tried to blame the media for supposedly misconstruing statements that he'd made in broad daylight.

"The media is to blame for writing down what he said and Fox recording on video what he said?" Henry said. "He stood at the podium and connected the dots for Democrats and said, 'You are darn right... that we were holding up aid to Ukraine because the president wanted an investigation of corruption!'"

Henry also slammed Mulvaney for suggesting that there was an explicit quid-pro-quo for Ukraine aid, which had undermined weeks' worth of efforts by the Trump White House to deny that the aid was held up for any kind of political purpose.

"There may not be a quid pro quo but Mick Mulvaney, the president’s chief of staff, messed up and made it seem like there was," he said. "They’re hurting their own case."

Watch the video below.