Frantic GOP lawmakers 'begging' Trump to tell them what to say about impeachment: CNN
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY, left) and President Donald Trump (right). Image via screengrab.

On Saturday, CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes reported that the GOP's messaging crisis on impeachment is not improving — and Republican lawmakers are desperate for direction from President Donald Trump.

"So is there a sense at all, Kristen, what is happening behind closed doors at the White House and how they will proceed with the PR battle against the impeachment?" asked anchor Christi Paul.

"Yes, and it's not just the White House," said Holmes. "I want to be clear, there are Republicans on Capitol Hill who have been begging the White House to come up with some sort of communication strategy."

"We know President Trump did not want a traditional war room. Why? Because he considers himself a one-man rapid response team," said Holmes. "Look at his tweets from last night, we can pull them up for you. This was one after the other, talking about how 'My lawyer should sue Democrats, the impeachment scam was based on my perfect Ukrainian call.' Democrats must end this scam now.' Calling it a 'Witch Hunt.'"

"He thinks that he is the right messenger for this, but some people outside, allies included, really think they need to expand here, they need to have a separate department like President Clinton had during his impeachment inquiry that deals with communication," continued Holmes. "And they are looking outside of the White House, at different advisers trying to put together a message and a line that is cohesive on all fronts."

Watch below: