'Gotta cash out now': Trump Organization mocked for rushing to sell DC hotel with election approaching
A worker tears down President Donald Trump's name from the Trump International Hotel in Panama (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump's prized hotel in Washington, D.C. has raked in significant cash from foreign nationals and corporate bigwigs who have stayed there as a way of currying favor with the president.

But what happens to the hotel's value if Trump doesn't win reelection next year?

That's a question many people are asking in the wake of a Wall Street Journal report that the Trump Organization is looking to sell the rights to the Trump International Hotel Washington D.C., a little over a year before the 2020 election is set to take place.

According to the Journal, the Trump Organization is hoping to fetch $500 million for the hotel, which amounts to roughly $2 million per room key.

The rush to sell the hotel before an election year sparked widespread mockery across the web, as many Twitter users said it looks like the Trump Organization is trying to get some money for the property while it still can.

Check out some reactions below.